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FY24 Grant Application Materials

Award Period: October 1, 2023 – September 30, 2024
Due Date: June 2, 2023, at 5 pm MST

FY24 Grant Announcement and Instructions

To apply ONLY for State DV funds, apply at this LINK

To apply for any combination of VOCA, FVPSA, or State DV funds, plus the FVPSA ARPA Supplemental Funds described below, complete and submit the Combined Grant Application and Budget Worksheet. Also provided for your reference are the Scoring Rubric and a FY23 Compensation Summary. 

We are also releasing an RFP for a Training Coordinator:

How to learn more about the Application Process:

  • Watch the pre-application webinar HERE
  • Attend open office hours on May 9 at 10 am at this LINK
  • Submit questions via this form. Responses are available HERE for all applicants to see. (Last update 6/2/23)

Supplemental One-Time FVPSA Covid funding is available for Covid Testing, Vaccines and Mobile Health (FVPSA-TVMH) and Support for Survivors of Sexual Assault (FVPSA-SA).  

Please review the following documents for information on allowable expenses:

FVPSA Covid TVMH Allowable Expenditures List

FVPSA- Sexual Assault Allowable Expenditures List

Awards will be granted on a rolling basis.  There is not one due date for applications. 

Click here to apply.

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