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Non-PREA Disclosures

ICDVVA is partnering with Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections in establishing protocols for youth in custody who disclose abuse that occurred prior to their being in custody. Classified as Non-Prison Rape Elimination Act (Non-PREA) Disclosures, these cases can be challenging to navigate. The Non-PREA Disclosures Workgroup created this handy flowchart, linked here, to distribute to juvenile corrections, probation/parole, law enforcement, family members, and other partners. We are excited that Upper Valley Child Advocacy Center and Nampa Family Justice Center are working with juvenile detention facilities to conduct forensic interviews for these youth, and ensure they receive proper victim services and advocacy while incarcerated and upon release. If you have any questions, contact Jessica at Feel free to share the flowchart with your partners!

The Council has released a 2022 Legislative Report on work done last year. 

Council 2022 Annual Report to the Governor and the Legislature

Department of Health & Welfare’s Annual Facts, Figures, and Trends Report

Information relating to the Council on Domestic Violence and Victim Assistance

Data on Law Enforcement Response to Domestic Violence Calls Before and After the Clarke Decision

November 2022 report presented by the Idaho Statistical Analysis Center 

Biennial Reports on Victimization & Victim Services

The Biennial Report on Victimization and Victim Services is a series of papers on the state of victimization, response to victimization, impacts of crime on victims, and victim services in Idaho.  

V1 Iss 1 – Emerging Issues on Victimization:  The Impact of the Clarke Decision on Policing’s Response to Victimization
V1 Iss 2 – Idaho Crime Victim Service Provider Survey Results
V1 Iss 3 – Idaho’s Sexual Assault Kit Initiative:  The Effect of HB528 on Sexual Assault Clearance Rates
V1 Iss 4 – Idaho Crime Victim Survey 

V2 Iss 1 – Idaho Crime Victim Service Provider Survey: Year Two
V2 Iss 2 – Idaho Crime Victim Survey: Year Two
V2 Iss 3 – Idaho’s Sexual Assault Kit Initiative: The Effects of Legislation on Sexual Assault Case Processing
V2 Iss 4 – Emerging Issues in Victimization: Domestic Violence and Housing in Idaho

The Idaho Statistical Analysis Center (SAC) has released a new Crime in Idaho Data Dashboard. You can look specifically at reported Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Offenses by selecting the relevant “Explore Data by Topic.” 

Missing & Murdered Indigenous Persons Report

HCR33 Report_Idaho’s Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons

Victimization Among Persons with Disabilities: Professional Stakeholder Perspectives in Idaho – ACCESSIBLE ENGLISH

Victimization Among Persons with Disabilities: Professional Stakeholder Perspectives in Idaho – ACCESSIBLE SPANISH

Crime Victims in Idaho: Assessment of Needs and Services

2014 Report – Crime Victims in Idaho Final Report – Public Use

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