Serving Victims of Crime

Sweet Baby Syndrome

How he gets her to come back.

Honeymoon Syndrome

Also known as "Hearts and Flowers" - any bribe that will get her to return to him.

Super Dad Syndrome

He tells her that he will be a great dad if she returns. This works especially if he has neglected the kids in the past.

Revival Syndrome

This is not really a valid revival or salvation since he has probably only gone to church only a few times. "I have been going to church every Sunday since you left." Or, "I have accepted Christ into my life."

He puts the responsibility for his battering on God.

Sobriety Syndrome

"If he can stop drinking he will stop beating me."

Drinking does not cause beating - if it did, then they would beat strangers on the street.

Counseling Syndrome

"I have gone to counseling, I won't do it anymore."

Long term counseling is needed and less than 1% voluntarily go into counseling.

Signs that treatment may be effective.