Serving Victims of Crime

The Progression

Pre-battering Violence

  • verbal abuse
  • hitting objects
  • throwing objects
  • breaking objects
  • making threats

When abusers hit or break objects or make threats, almost 100% eventually resort to battering.

Beginning Levels

  • pushing
  • grabbing
  • restraining

Moderate Levels

  • slapping
  • pinching
  • kicking
  • pulling out clumps of hair

Severe Levels

  • choking
  • beating with objects (sticks, ball bats, bed slats, etc...)
  • use of weapons
  • rape

One in three women in a battering relationship are raped.

There are Two Kinds of Rape in Domestic Violence

  • one, with weapons
  • two, she submits out of fear that if she were to say, "No," he would get angry and beat her.

The "Sweet Baby Syndrome"